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AOSP (Android Open Source Project) and Android TV are both related to the Android operating system, but they serve different purposes.

AOSP is the open-source version of the Android operating system, of smartphones, tablets, and other devices worldwide. AOSP is the codebase that Google, it’s free for anyone to use, modify, and distribute. AOSP includes the core components of Android, such as the kernel, libraries, and the runtime environment.

Android TV is a version of Android that is specifically designed for televisions and media streaming devices. Android TV includes a user interface that is optimized for big screens, as well as a set of pre-installed apps for TV, such as YouTube. Netflix and others. Android TV also supports voice search and control.

Not every TV is equipped with a Wi-Fi adapter or supports 3D games. The Android TV set-top box is a solution to this issue. The question is: what is a good Android TV box? With this device, the TV gets access to the Internet, streaming services, a voice control feature and other, which significantly expand the range of capabilities. AION Technology has a lot of experience with these white labelled apps and can advise for the best settopbox, cost effective!